Thursday, October 19, 2006

Puppet Theater

On Monday we received a surprise visit from a couple in our ward. They said they were out for a drive for family home evening and guess what they pulled out of the back of their SUV? A puppet theater! To say the girls were excited is an understatement. We have puppets of every animal imaginable courtesy of my Aunt Kim and now we have the perfect avenue for their use. Marie's already written several plays and the little girls have been out of our hair while we do school. Debbie uses it as a McDonald's drive thru and Laura willing pretends to eat french fries. Big thanks to Bro and Sis B for thinking of us!!!


Anonymous said...

So Montse, do you tend to have those babies before the due date or after? I'm keeping my eye on you.

Anonymous said...

I mean, my eyes. You're being watched, lol.

Montserrat said...

They usually come just a few days before their due. Only 18 more days to go for the due date!