Monday, October 23, 2006

Bookmobile Halloween Party

Today we had a great Halloween bookmobile party. Ms. Ginny went all out preparing the games. The food everyone brought was yummy: homemade caramel apples, cupcakes, no-bake cookies, orange popcorn balls, homemade salsa, Lil' Smokies, and orange punch. The kids had a ball getting to dress up for the party too. Here's some pics of the event. I got four of the girls in their costumes but forgot to take a picture of Eve as Hermione Granger (oops!). Laura only wanted a Sunday dress on. Debbie was a ladybug, Abby was allowed to wear the clothes off of my Raggedy Ann doll, Sara wanted to be Pippi Longstocking but ended up curling the braids up because they were getting stuck on other people :D, and Marie was a cowgirl. Ms. Ginny made a ghost pinata, covered plastic bowling pins with white gauze for mummy bowling, made a Halloween Twister game, and had the kids go bobbing for gummy worms in a big bowl of popcorn. Now that the fun day is over the girls are talking about the upcoming ward trunk or treat because they get to dress up again.

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