Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Hen House

Joseph was able to build a chicken coop in the few spare moments he's had this last month. He had help from his brothers, too. They used some old bee sheds that were left from the previous owners of the farm and then welded the metal frames for the 'yard' of the coop. In the picture, Sara is just closing the little door the chickens use to go in and out of the hen house.
The girls and I painted the house and frames and then the boys finished it off by attaching the chicken wire. Ammon also made the girls a little feeding trough for the chick feed.

Our chickens have grown immensely. Click here to see them when they were little. One yellow Buff Orpington didn't survive the first week but the rest are doing great. The Orpingtons are huge and tower over the miniature Bantums we got from Joanna.

My visiting teachers came right after we got done painting the coop. They were asking about the chickens when Debbie piped up, "We're like the chickens. My dad's the rooster, my mom's the hen, and us girls are the chicks!" We all laughed, though mine was an embarrassed one. My VT from England said, "Well, you can definitely tell she's a farm girl." How true.


athena said...

i LOVE your hen house! you all pitched in and did a wonderful job. and the chooks sure have grown too.

Calandria said...

How sweet! When will they start laying eggs?

Montserrat said...

The first eggs should be laid about September.