Friday, June 09, 2006

Old MacDonald had a farm

And on that farm he had some CHICKS!
Meet the newest members of our family.

On Saturday we got six Buff Orpington hens (the yellow ones) and seven Bantum chickens (we don't know yet which are roosters or hens). Aren't they cute?


athena said...

they sure are cute!

looks like you did some homework on the breeds, when you have time can you tell me why you chose this breed?

Montserrat said...

I actually didn't have anything to do with the choosing. My SIL picked them up for us and she looked on the chart they had at the store listing the best layers. Three of the Bantums came from Joseph's youngest sister who has chickens.

athena said...

LOL! makes me wish i was on a farm. we will have to wait another year before we get any chooks.