Tuesday, May 02, 2006


How good are you at geography? Hopefully better than those talked about in this article. Good grief, can anyone really be that bad?


Bookworm said...

Yes, unfortunately, they can. :-) I've met adults who do not know the difference between a state and a country--I've mentioned countries by name and had people look quizzically at me and ask, "Is that a state?"
My kids LOVE this game site:

nestle said...

yep they can. One of the first things to go when you are being pressured by the administration to do better in the three Rs geography is the first to go. Also when you are taught geography, because it is just memorization you memorize for the test and forget it. If you are not traveling to another location it really doesn't matter which it does't to these kids.

Montserrat said...

Thanks for the game site Bookworm. My kids love geography games, escpecially Mad Dash.