Sunday, April 23, 2006


Joseph stayed home from church with four of the girls today. They are all sick with coughs and chest congestion. Sara and Eve went with me to church since they are all better. Joseph doesn't think it's fair that everyone but me got sick, but I just told him, "Moms are not allowed to get sick." Even though he wasn't feeling well, Joseph had lunch in the oven cooking and the whole kitchen sparkling clean when we arrived home. Now I know he's really sick and I just might want him to be sick more often! :-D

I was supposed to play the organ for Sacrament Meeting today since our organist is out of town but he didn't leave the organ key with anyone and so I played the piano instead. It brought back many happy memories of playing the piano for our branch in Georgia. It has been a long time since I've had to accompany the congregation in singing hymns. I quite enjoyed it today.

While I was working in Primary today a member of the Stake Presidency came in and said they would like to speak with me and Joseph in their office for a minute. Since Joseph was sick I had to go by myself. When I walked in all three members of the Stake Presidency were there and I thought I was in for it big time. Turns out they just want Joseph and me to speak next Saturday night at the adult session of Stake Conference. Whew! I can handle a 5-10 minute talk on testimonies. They apologized profusely for not giving us more time to prepare but I'm glad they didn't. Personally I'd rather have only a few days to fret over speaking than worry about it for several weeks. I seem to work better under pressure.

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