Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Spring Has Finally come to the Desert

Saturday afternoon we had a storm system move through. It produced a double rainbow! (left pic) The other picture shows the other side of the rainbow. It was so tall that the curve got lost in the clouds over the Bloody Run Mountains.

We can't wait to actually plant our vegetable garden. The girls started seeds about 4 weeks ago and they have done extremely well. We've even had to transplant the giant pumpkins into half gallon pots already (top left pic). The strawberries we received in the mail last week have perked up nicely and Eve's had to pinch off three blooms (bottom left pic). The other seeds they started are canteloupe, watermelon, Lumina pumpkins, jack-be-little pumpkins, two varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers, mint, basil, zucchini, spaghetti squash, cucumbers and yellow crookneck squash. Outside we've already planted peas and potatoes. We also plan to grow green beans, sweet corn, Indian corn, carrots, and radishes.

We've been fortunate to have an orchard already here and established when we moved last fall. We ate quite a few apples and pears off the trees. I've been trying to prune the trees a little but have no idea what I'm doing. :-D One of the trees is starting to blossom and the others have buds on them. I can't seem to grow flowers very well and am excited that the bulbs the girls helped me plant last fall have grown and now bloomed. We are going to attempt planting some zinnias and other perennials later.


nestle said...

OK my area of expertise is.... don don don... pruning!!!! Yep bet you didn't know that! Don't do it until winter when they are dormant (this is excessive pruning to you know shape the trees and for a better crop the next year). For this year just try to thin out the bunches of fruit when they come it. You can also clip the ends of the longer, skinnier branches with not many branches (same effect of pinching buds off the strawberry plants) Anywhoo have fun! I want a garden but I'm too lazy for it. I'd have to dig up the grass, spurge and weeds by hand with a flat headed shovel. Yep not happening. Jealous of your energy and willingness to do the work to get a cool garden. Just not jealous enough to get going on it. :-)

athena said...

lucky you to have an already established orchard! i'm alittle envious of your vegetable garden too! maybe next year when i plant mine i can get some tips from you.

Montserrat said...

Thanks Ness for the tips. That's pretty much what I've been doing, clipping the skinnier branches, especially all the suckers growing at the base of the trees.