Wednesday, July 29, 2009

B-17 WWII Bomber "Sentimental Journey

The "Sentimental Journey" is a fully restored B-17 Bomber. It flies to various towns as a traveling museum. Learn more about it here

B-17 Bomber right side

B-17 Bomber front

We took the kids to see it last Saturday. It was so fun! We walked all around the outside looking at every detail and then went inside. We were amazed at how small the ball turret under the plane is. The man in that position must have been cramped. It's a tight squeeze even for someone my height (5' 2")!

Front Gunner Position

Front Gunner Position

Ball Turret

Ball Turret

Waist Gunner Position

Waist Gunner Position

Tail  Gunner Position

Tail Gunner Position



Bomb Cargo Hold

Bomb Hold (I can't remember what it's called exactly)

Front Propellers

Sentimental Journey Logo

We had a great time. Joseph only wished he had been able to hear it run.

On Tuesday morning we were out working in our garden when we heard an airplane coming our way. We looked up and there was the B-17 flying right overhead! It was headed to it's next stop on the tour. Joseph got his wish to hear it after all. =) It was definitely an impressive sight to see it flying.


rebekah said...

that's so awesome!!

Sariah said...

aww i love betty grable!