Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Sad Story

So we all get bored right?! Well have you ever been bored for ten hours? On Thursday we rolled 6 pivots of hay. It literally took ALL DAY! I sat in a hot, stuffy, old tractor for ten hours, with nothing to do but listen to my ipod. Have you ever tried listening to music for that long? IT IS SO BORING!!!!!! You can't even hear it after a while. I had to recite the Articles of Faith to myself as fast as I could just so I could stay awake. I know it sounds stupid, but if you're desperate to stay awake, what else can you do?! To make matters worse four of the pivots we rolled have to be rolled back into their old positions. So yesterday two of my Uncles, and some of my cousins came up to help. Can you guess what happened next? We started rolling them back, and 15 minutes after we started, it rained. NO WAY!!!!!! So that was the end of that.


nestle said...

Check with your local library. Also online they have MP3 books. Much better to listen to for staying awake. I've done if for several long drives. You totally get into the story that you don't want to stop driving. You can also borrow books on cd from the library and transfer them to mp3s. Good luck!

rebekah said...

WOW!! that is as sad story!! maybe I should come up there and ride with you!!!!

The Grossman Family... said...

Sunflower seeds are my favorite boredom trick on the tractor!