Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Box Sliding

A couple of weeks ago Joseph brought home a huge appliance box. At first it was a little club house for the kids. When they got tired of that they tried rolling down the hill in it. Sometimes I wonder about these kids. Seriously. Rolling down a hill in a square box? Didn't work to well. When the box finally split open they realized they could make it into a slide.

Laura zooming down.

Abby being tricky. Notice the holes in the knees and one toe poking out of her sock.

Sara has to take her turn too!

Ira loved sliding as much as the girls. Notice his holey pants too. I can safely say that all pants have been patched now.

Just a side shot of the box sliding hill.


Craig said...

A lot like Christmas! Sometimes the box is what is played with most!

Looks to be great fun to me!

Sariah said...


Rebecca said...

fun! the boys found out cardboard boxes slide great on pine straw and we used to all pile onto a huge card board box with all the wood kids and pray we didn't hit any trees sliding down the hills in the middle of the forest!