Thursday, February 26, 2009

Random Tag

Name something left on the bathroom counter after getting ready in the morning.-
my braces rubber bands
Name an excuse that you were late for church. - My mom forgot to make dad's lunch to take for him.
Name a Prophet in the Book of Mormon.-my favorite is Heleman
Name another word for “yes”-si
Name an electronic object that nearly everyone has.-t.v.
Name something a bishop’s wife would never wear. -I would say 3 inch heels, but my mom is a bishops wife, and she wears them:)
.Name a favorite candy -Heath bars.
Name a favorite potluck food -cheese potatoes
Name something you would purchase before going out on a 1st date. -double-mint gum.
Name a food most often cooked in the microwave-hot chocolate.
Name a piece of furniture a person needs help moving. -piano
Name something that flashes.-my eyes when i'm angry
Name something that is stuffed.-Obama.
Name something you put on French fries.-ranch dressing
Name of an individual that is only 3 letters long -me. EVE!
Name a favorite ice cream topping.-caramel
What is a commonly sung Hymn?-I am a Child of God. (page 3o1)
Name something found in a mother’s purse. -everything from here to the moon
What would you find in a 72-hour emergency kit?-moldy slim-jims
How many times does your mom have to tell you to do something before it gets done?-usually several, when i'm reading a good book. Not that I ignore her(sometimes), but I've learned to tune out noise so that I can't even hear it.
Name a specific food whose aroma makes you hungry.-stuffing
Name something people put in their backyards.-all the stuff they "thought they threw away" from 15 years ago.
What is something that your parents do (or did) that you swore you would never do when you have kids?-Jump to conclusions.
Name a complaint the older generation has about your younger generation.-to lazy.
What is a “pet name” a man might call his wife.-how the heck would I know?!
Name a decision you make as a young adult that changes your life.-Your career
Name something you hear on the radio besides music.-People either saying how wonderful Obama is, or people calling him names.
What is the household chore you dislike the most?-rotating the dishwasher.
What is one of the Young Women Values (please only put one).-Respect (it should be one, Sister Dalton!)
Name a primary song that includes hand gestures.-I'm so Glad When Daddy Comes Home.
What is an item you would see at a ward potluck?-Teenage boys fighting to get in the front of the line.
Name an activity a couple would do on a date.-watch a scary movie.
What is a church calling you would be most happy to receive?-Primary Teacher
Name a church calling you would be most scared to receive?-Activities Committee.
Favorite kind of cookie.-maple chocolate chip.
I tag: Sylvia

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Meg said...

Very clever and funny :)

Have you posted the recipe to maple chocolate chip cookies before?! How did I miss that?