Saturday, November 01, 2008

My 13th Birthday

The 29th was my 13th birthday. I got this piano music.

Pirates of the Carribean and

Enya: Amarantine

That was the only thing I asked for. I wrote down all the music I wanted. I think thats all I'll ask for at Christmas too.

I also got this book from my grandparents in Utah. I didn't really like it, but there has to be a first time for everything, right?

My mom said I'll also be getting something really big from my grandparent's next week. My grandma Wadsworth and my Aunts got me really pretty hair clips(that i'm wearing right now, actually) and a new hair brush, since my Aunt Sylve saw that I was still using the tiny yellow one she gave me when I was 8!
It's a good thing I wasn't born 2 days later, cause Halloween isn't one of my favorite holidays!


rebekah said...

Happy BIRTHDAY EVE! I love you!

chels said...

Happy Birthday!
I have an Enya piano book, too. Does your's have the song "Watermark" in it?

Damsel said...

Chelsie, yes I do have that enya music. I think I have all but one of them, and I hope to get that soon!!