Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An American Girl Doll Tea Party!

Abby turned eight years old on Nov. 13th. For her birthday party she wanted an American Girl Doll Tea Party.

All the girls brought their favorite dolls. First they each made matching bracelets for themselves and their dolls. Then they played "Don't Eat My Doll" and a American Doll matching game.

Abby wanted a polka dot cake. We made a Funfetti cake and decorated it with frosting and huge dot sprinkles that we found.

While the girls played thier games, I set the table for their "tea".

Since we don't actually drink tea I made Hot Orange Punch. it was delicious!

Each doll also got their own cake and tea cup. I went to the thrift store and bought clear glass teacups for 25 cents a piece. It made the girls feel so grown up being able to eat of my china plates and have their own tea cups. They got to take their cups home. ☺

The tiny cakes turned out so cute! I posted the instructions for making them on my other blog.

Everyone got to help blow out their dolls' candles. The candles I got for the real cake were sparklers that said they had to be exstinguished in water. What I didn't know where the candles on the doll cakes were relight candles. The girls thought they'd blown them out only to have them magically relight. All their blowing blew out the sparklers and we had to exstinguish their candles in water instead. We had a great laugh about it.


Mrs. Organic said...

What a fun party and I love the color of your dining room walls!

Angela said...

What a great idea- I love the cake and we are huge American Girl Doll fans at this place!

mommyknows said...

It looks like a fabulous party.

You're a creative and wonderful mom.

Don't you have parties for certain years? Remind me :)