Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Top 10 Favorite Books

I saw on my friend's blog that she posted her 5 favorite books. But for me it has to be at least 10, because I read so much that I have a ton of favorites. I am posting my top ten, but a lot of them are just the first of a series. I love the rest of the series's to, but there is just way to many to write. I counted all my favorites once, and there was like 50 or 60:)

#1 Harry Potter, by J.K.Rowling is a series of 7 books about a young boy who finds out he is a wizard, and goes to Hogwarts, a place for educating young witches and wizards in magic. Harry has to find and kill Voldemort, the Dark Wizard who killed his parents. I first started reading them when I was 7 or 8, and have read the whole series at least once a year since!

#2 Ranger's Apprentice is a series of 4 published books, although there are 8 published in Australia. The rest are going to be published in the U.S. and I can't wait! They are about a 15 year old boy named Will. He is to small to go to battle school, a place where he always dreamed of learning to be a knight. It looks like Will will be subjected to becoming a servant or farmer, when suddenly he becomes apprentice to a Ranger. There are only 50 ranger's in the whole kingdom. They are the kings spies, can move without being seen, and can shoot arrows with almost impossible accuracy and speed. Will has many adventures, the first of which is discovering an enemy army building a bridge across what most people thought were uncrossable mountains. He burns the bridge, but in doing so gets captures and sold as a slave in the viking like country of skandia. I just read this series last month, but it is already top of my list!

#3 Eragon is the first of 4 books, 3 of them published. Christopher Paolini wrote it when he was 15! It is about a 15 year old who finds a dragon egg, which hatches. He becomes a dragon rider, higher even than kings and queens. His job is to protect the people of Alagasia.

#4 Leven Thumps is about a 14 year old boy who discovers that he has magical powers, and a man that was turned into a tree in his back yard. He finds a girl named Winter , who has magical powers like him. Together they find the Gateway to Foo, the magical land where dreams come from. But they have to stop Sabine, who is going to try and destroy foo. there are 3 books publishes so far.

#5 Tennis Shoes Among The Nephites is about 2 boys that go exploring in a cave, and find a passage into the past, where they have all sorts of adventures with Nephites. There are 10 out so far.

#6 Fablehaven is about a girl and her brother, who go to visit their grandparents, and find out that they are the caretakers of a haven for magical creatures. There are 3 books so far.

#7 Little Britches is the first of 8 books. They are autobiographies about a boy, Ralph, and how he grew up in Colerado in the very early 1900's. His dad died when he was 12, making him the man of the family. It is so neat to read about how they got along, doing everything fromracing in bet races, to making stretchers to mend lace curtains on. I think these are the best books ever!

#8 Rifles for Watie is about a young soldier in the Civil War. It is really good.

#9 Twilight is about a teenaged girl named Bella, who finds out that she goes to school with a family of vampires. there are 4 books, but i'm not allowed o read the last one. I
am fine with just Twilight. The second one is depressing.

#10 JohnnyTtremain is about a boy just at the start of the Revolutionary War.

You are probably thinking that I just like stories about boys, since 8 of my favorites are about teenaged boys, but believe me, I don't! It's just that I like exciting books, and all the exciting ones seem to be about boys. Nothing else:)



Sylvia said...

Great books! I at first thought you were your mom. I couldn't figure out why they were all about teens and why she couldn't read the last twilight. Now it makes sense. Be happy with just the first. They got worse as they went a long. We hope we can catch you guys the next time your in town.

Meg said...

Your list is very similar to my daughters. She likes fantasy reading too. Have you read the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander? I know she liked those.

The Funny Farm said...

Your list sounds like my 12-year-old's but he is a BOY! He also likes the Redwall series by Brian Jaques. There are about around 20 books in that series, all about animals who are warriors that can talk. It's taken him a long time to read them all!

Damsel said...

We read Redwall for my book club, but i couldn't make it, so i didn't read it. My Aunt has though, I think