Monday, May 26, 2008

1, 2, 3, Check!

Ira's test results all came back normal. Thanks to all who sent love this way. Too bad it cost over $1800 to find out he's as normal as normal can be.

We are in the midst of finishing up our school year and trying to decide what curriculum to use for next year. I love scouring homeschool catalogs, searching Ebay, and looking through the myriad supplies and books I already have. I'm also looking forward for the break of no school. JUST PLAY! I plan on letting the girls lounge around while I finally try and figure out how to really use my camera - you know all that technical jargon and such. I'm slated to take some photos of a wedding reception the beginning of August and I want to be ready!

We took the kids to see Prince Caspian this past Wednesday. It was so much fun! But now I remember why we usually wait for movies to come out on DVD. It's not cheap to take 9 people to the movie theater!


Mrs. Organic said...

Peace of mind is priceless though, isn't it? I'm so glad he's alright.


I loved that movie! I can't wait till it comes out on DVD!

AllisonK said...

So glad Ira is fine.

We are going to see the movie this week. I hear you about the cost. eek!

Angela said...

This is great news! I am glad everything worked out! By the way, we loved Prince Caspian!

wild murdocks said...

River has read the Narnia series a couple times now, so we're excited to see the movie too.

Glad Ira is healthy, that is a load off!

I love your homeschooling ideas. Post anything that you find interesting. I like to keep the kids working through the summer.

Meg said...

Glad Ira is fine.

So funny...I love the planning and catalogs and such each year too. So fun to see all the goodies. It's great when the boxes start rolling in...the kids get so excited!