Friday, April 11, 2008

Saturday funnies #2

This past week the girls have been having fun looking at all my old photos, yearbooks, cards, and letters. I had fun telling them about old friends. Then I got to thinking what they were all doing now. So I'm on a quest to find some old friends and renew acquaintances. I've found a couple already but I'm not having any luck with finding girl friends. It's hard to track down someone when they've gotten married and changed their name. For kicks I decided to try typing in my maiden name on Google to see what would come up. Did you know I used to do this (click here and here) in my pre-mommy days? Warning: The videos are a little graphic. :D

1 comment:

zippy said...

Now that's a side of you I was not aware of! You truly do it all don't cha? : )