Monday, March 31, 2008

Eve's Locks of Love

Ever since Marie donated her hair to Locks of Love two years ago, the other girls have been growing out their hair to do the same. Eve decided last week she was ready to get her hair cut. Today we all made the trek into town to watch. Eve had 15 inches of hair cut off. Here's her before and after photos. She loves the new cut! She wanted something similar to Anna-Sophia Robb's hair cut in Bridge to Terabithia. I think Eve's new do looks great on her.


AllisonK said...

Darling Hair cut Eve!
I love that you donated your hair. My girls have each done it and it's so rewarding to know that you've helped someone else.

pereav said...

Eve your new haircut looks awesome!!! Man i really feel for your dad when you turn sixteen!! :)

wild murdocks said...

Looks great Eve, what a lovely girl you are!