Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fall Into Reading

Crisp mornings. The crackle of dried leaves underfoot. Trees dotted with red, gold, or orange. Evenings spent curled up in warm quilts with a mug of hot cocoa in hand. The unmistakable medley of nutmeg, cinnamon, brown sugar, and pumpkin smells. Thanksgiving. My birthday. Autumn is definitely my favorite time of year! I also enjoy the slower paced days after the hectic workload of farming all summer. It allows for more reading time - personal and family. Here's a list of books on my to-read list for fall:

Read-Alouds to the family:
Just David by Eleanor Porter This is a sweet story about a boy who changes the hearts of the people he meets through his innocence and the masterful way he plays his violin.

Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes

The Golden Goblet by Eloise McGraw

Weird, I just noticed all the authors of the read-alouds starte with E!

Beloved Bridegroom by Donna B. Nielsen I want to read this book as a supplement to my scripture study. It focuses on the imagery of Biblical marriage in the scriptures to increase our understanding of how God relates to us through covenants.

Eve and the Choice Made in Eden by Beverly Campbell I've already learned quite bit from the first few chapters of this book. It gets at the heart of the Garden of Eden story exploring not only the story but the symbols and metaphors used to tell the story. Very enlightening read so far!

Mothering With Spiritual Power: Book of Mormon Inspirations for Raising a Righteous Family by Debra Woods I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. "Mothering with Spiritual Power is a celebration of motherhood, family life, and the difference the gospel of Jesus Christ can make for mothers and families everywhere, " taken from the book description.

Rediscovering God in America by Newt Gingrich
The Circuit: Stories from the life of a migrant child by Francisco Jimenez I found this book while browsing the bookmobile. I thought it would be an interesting read especially because of my Mexican heritage.
Jack and Rochelle: A Holocaust Story of Love and Resistance by Jack and Rochelle Sutin The title explains it all.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke I really enjoyed Funke's Inkheart and Inkspell books. Hopefully this one is just as enjoyable.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer Actually I want to read all the books in this series. I've heard that they are good.

Eragon by Christopher Paolini Surprise, surprise I haven't read this one yet though it's been on my list. Can you tell from my selections I'm a sucker for juvenile fiction? I think it's because then I can discuss the books with my daughters after they read them.

So what books are on your reading list? Why don't you join the Fall Into Reading Challenge over at Callapidder Days. The rules are here.


Jen said...

I just finished (literally yesterday) Eve... by Campbell. It's a really great book that clears up a lot of
cultural myths that people get hung up on in the church & in society about the roles of women in the church. I've read almost everything she refers to elsewhere, but its neat to see it all in one place!


Johnny Tremain was a great read for me. I should read this again as an adult. :-)

I am going to read Eragon at some point.

Glen & Denise said...

Read the series by Stephenie Meyer...Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse...I'm on Eclipse right now and I'VE LOVED THEM ALL! I really recommned's funny because no one believes me because who wants to read books about vampires...but they will get you hooked! Oh and I was going to ask you if you wanted the bag would be something really fun for you and your girls to make. You can change up the size to be a big church bag, scripture case, a small purse...what ever and the pattern is really easy...let me know! Talk to you later.

Katrina said...

Looks like you'll have lots of variety in your reading this fall. Cornelia Funke is one of those authors that I really want to try out (one of these days...). Thanks for being part of the challenge!

Lana G! said...

Love Cornelia Funke! Enjoy the reading challenge.

An Ordinary Mom said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I love to hear what books other people are into. I, too, have the Stephanie Meyer books on my list. It seems like every person who has read them has loved them. I am still up in the air ... a vampire love story?

Anonymous said...

What a great variety of books! I enjoyed reading your list. Many of your titles are new to me. Happy Reading

Calandria said...

I'm on the waiting list at the library for Eclipse. I liked the first two so-so. I've heard very mixed reactions to Eclipse so of course I have to read it to see what the fuss is.

Fall Into Reading! Cool! Maybe I will have to join. (Hey, you could have added Eleanor Estes and Elizabeth Enright to your list and then you would have had even more E's!) We're reading Wolves of Willoughby Chase right now. We love it. Other read alouds coming up: 21 Balloons and The Bronze Bow.

Robin in CA said...

I enjoyed Eragon and have also read Paolini's other book Eldest. I am hoping he will come out with a 3rd. I have heard many people mention Twilight. Will have to put it on my wish list. Love your blog.


Deena said...

My 17 year old daughter struggles with reading, and yet she devoured Twilight and is 2/3rds of her way through New Moon...and yes, it's about a vampire, but she doesn't care about that...she likes the quality of the love story...she says she wants a guy like Edward, just not a vampire:-)