Friday, September 07, 2007

Beginner's Luck

Eve and Marie showed their chickens for 4H at our Tri-County Fair last Saturday. We've never participated in 4H before so we really didn't know what to expect. Competition started at 8:00 am with Cloverbuds showing their chickens. Then Marie's Junior group showed their's and then Eve's Intermediate group. Here they are anxiously awaiting their turn with their friend Megan. Most of the other competitors were wisely off looking at exhibits or showing other animals. Like I said, we didn't know what to expect so Marie had to wait an hour and a half before presenting her chicken. Eve had to wait three hours!
Marie presents her chicken Dove to the judge.

To present their chicken to a judge the participants talk about each part of their chicken in great detail - how the wattles , earlobes and comb look, count their primary and secondary feathers, check their vents and then walk the birds. The judge will ask questions throughout about the breed of chicken, what different terms mean, etc. I'd really be flustered if I had to do something like that.
Eve bonds with her rooster 'Prince Pete the Pathetic'

The kids have to get their chicken and hold it when there are still two people ahead of them in 'line' then wait patiently until the judge calls their name. Eve was extremely nervous. One fellow, who was there to watch his brother compete, asked her if she wanted to win. She said no. He told her not to worry about it then, to act natural and just have fun. She took his advice and was very straightforward with the judge. If she didn't know the answer to one of his questions she just looked him right in the eye and said, "I don't know." She was still relieved when it was all over.

Then came the time came for the judge to announce the champions. Marie and Eve both won Grand Champions for their division!! It was really funny, especially to watch Eve's reaction. She really didn't want to win. While everyone clapped for her she groaned and put her head in he hands.

After that the judge had to look at all the chickens and judge them on quality. And guess what? The girls swept the competition again!
Marie's chicken, Dove, a Belgian Bearded D'Uccle breed and porcelain variety, won the grand champion bantam.

While another of Eve's birds, Titus, (Belgian D'Uccle breed also) won the Reserve Grand Champion.
And not wanting to be left out, here's Sara holding my Barred Cochin, Bengal.


katie said...

Way to go ladies. That is so exciting. Congrats!

Craig said...

Wow that is awesome. And I am sure it was not 'luck' that they won!

Very nice looking chickens. I am sure a lot of care has gone into raising them.

Corrie said...

Good job girls. You both look so at ease handling your birds, they must have had a good upbringing ;)

Julie said...

That's so cool! Congratulations to your girls. What a wonderful variety of experiences they get to have!

Inga said...

That is amazing! Congratulations!!

wild murdocks said...

Oh, my, delightful! I love it! I wish you would tell more about what the girls did in raising and taking care of them. I'm so proud of my little chicken-raising winnemucca girls! What do you do with them now?

Montserrat said...

We're definitely keeping the hens for the eggs. The judge suggested to the girls to keep the roosters, especially Eve's Prince, to use for next year. That with another year of work they'd be even better.

Lisa said...

Congrats to ALL of the winners! Very cool!

athena said...

ok, i want some chooks too. looks like you all had a productive week. :)