Wednesday, August 22, 2007


When we finally returned home on Sunday, Joseph made the comment that we all looked 'citified'. Huh? I think it's because we weren't wearing the normal jean and t-shirt attire. We went shopping for new clothes for everyone - including me - and we had a blast. The girls all had to try their clothes on at the store, twirl in front of the mirrors, etc. It was a regular "What Not To Wear" times 6. My favorite article of clothing was a 'twirly' skirt by Kenneth Cole. I'll have to take a picture on Sunday and post it. The main reason for getting new clothes was so we wouldn't look so 'countrified' when we went to town visiting people or shopping. I guess we met that objective according to Joseph's comment. :D

I dropped off my quilt top to be machine quilted at one of the funnest quilt stores I've been to ever. No wonder my dad cringes whenever my mom says she's going to the quilt shop! I could easily have spent a whole day there. My quilt should be finished at the end of September. Speaking of quilts, have you heard about the Foster Care Quilt Raffle hosted by The Lazy Organizer? Please take a look. The quilt being raffled is gorgeous and the money is going to a good cause.

While in Tooele we went swimming at the Desert Peaks Complex. What a blast! The pool is the best one I've been to. You wade in and it gradually gets deeper just like the beach. Everyone, including Ira, had a fabulous time. Ira kept crawling into deeper water getting water up his nose and mouth. He didn't care one single bit. I think babies take to water naturally. We also went to the movies. I saw 'Becoming Jane' but was bored by it. My parents took the kids to see 'Nancy Drew' while I attended the National LDS Homeschool conference on Saturday. They loved it!

The conference was wonderful. It was hard to decide which classes to attend. My favorite one was "Don't Limit Your Child by Your Imagination" presented by Martha Knox. The simplified, shortened synopsis is basically to do the core subjects (math and language arts) but then follow your child's interests - be it rockets, horses, clouds, etc- and incorporate all the other subjects to learn about it.

Sorry this post kind of jumps from here to there (oh blue! hooo, hooo, {{flapping my wings}} - inside family joke) I'll tell more about our trip on the next post, maybe tomorrow.


Corrie said...

Yes! pictures - please.

I've been to Sew Sweet, do they still have the quilt on display with the 3 dimensional fabric folding technique?

It sounds like I should've gone to that conference. I'm going to "Brains on Fire" this weekend, can't wait.

Glad to have you back!

athena said...

i was going to ask what too-lee meant. then i read citified! your husband has a great vocabulary! :-D i love it.

can't wait to see the pics of your new skirt! i like the kenneth cole brand.

--the years that we homeschooled i had never been to a homeschool conference. i always felt like i was missing out. oh well. :-D

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I'm sad to hear that you didn't like Becoming Jane. I've heard pretty bad reviews for it. I was so hoping it would be a good one.

I get that "citified" comment every time I go back to Idaho. I don't think I look any different, maybe they are just teasing me. I envy the fun shopping trip. I could never take all the kids clothes shopping at once because I have two boys ('nuff said).

wild murdocks said...

Twirling skirts galore at your house! How delightful! At least Joseph will have another man to roll his eyes with. I think I'm going to just slowly turning into a boy.

I'm also sad about the Jane Austen movie, I adore her. I was pleasantly surprised by the movie, Miss Potter, it was delightful.

Lisa said...

The first time I moved to CA, my family (who all live in TX) called me a "California girl". It must come with the venturing out.

I'm glad you said you were bored with Becoming Jane, but sorry, too. I had wanted to see it, but now I will wait to put it on the Netflix list and watch it while doing other things!

Lei said...

Ah, you msut have attended Education Week. How fun!

Can't wait to see your flirty skirt. ;)

boo said...

lol, I laughed so hard reading that... especially since I could picture you flapping your arms... haha, too funny.

Calandria said...

I just saw Becoming Jane and Miss Potter, too. I did like Miss Potter better, but I didn't think Becoming Jane was so bad. I liked the guy who played Tom LeFroy.