Friday, August 10, 2007

Swathing Hay

We started swathing third crop last week. Hay is like your lawn, it keeps growing after you cut it. We usually get about 4 crops (cuttings) a year.This is the pivot closest to our house. Joseph is running the swather.

I know he's just rolling his eyes at me while I crouch low to take these shots.
This spring we had a few fawns and baby antelope that met their doom when they came face to face with the swathing blades. They'd hide in the hay. If they were seen in time they were picked up and moved to a safer location. But, unfortunately, sometimes they hid too well.The view off our deck of the swathed hay. You can see the haystacks for the first two crops.

Here's the pivot itself. See those haystacks in the background? Those are the same ones in the previous photo. You couldn't tell there were more than two stacks could you?


Jen said...

I could never be a farmer, just looking at these pictures gives me an overwhelming urge to try my hand at crop circles...but your fields are very pretty!

athena said...

ok, i had to chuckle about your husband "probably rolling his eyes" at you taking pics of him working. :D the fields look immaculately cut. my father was a farmer. lucky he never had to cut hay otherwise it would have lookd like our lawn--patches of uncut grass everywhere. :D

Kassi said...

Beautiful pics once again. I don't think anything else smells better than freshly cut hay. . . well, maybe a freshly bathed baby, but it's a close second!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I know jealousy is wrong. But I just can't help it. No one should have such a lovely view from their deck unless I'm there to share it!