Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hooked on Horses

My girls are crazy about horses. Okay, that was an understatement. Their bedroom walls are covered in horse posters, pictures, and calendars. Their blankets have horses, so do their pillowcases. They constantly doodle horses on their schoolwork. One is usually outside brushing our horse Boxcar or riding him bareback in the pasture. Well now, thanks to Lara, the girls are officially hooked on horses. Aren't these great? I bought one for each to hang their towels on. If I'm not careful the horses will begin to invade not only the girls' bedrooms and bathrooms but the rest of the house as well. I will draw the line here. No horses allowed in the kitchen!Lara is selling other new antique-looking hooks here.


Corrie said...

those are so cute, I think we might need to shop in Lara's store.

athena said...

horses are a wonderful obsession! i remember when i was horse obsessed. ah, those were the days. do they have a favourite horse book they like to read? i just finished reading king of the wind. one of my favourite books.