Sunday, July 01, 2007

Quilt Quiz

Okay, here are some of the quilt patterns I've come up with for our bed. We have a California King so this is going to be big (about 98"x108"). Now I need your help, insight, input, etc. Which one do you like best? Any suggestions or changes to make? Keep in mind that the patterns you see on the material aren't really to scale because they were swatches I took from the internet at Prairie Girls Quilt Shop. The actually patterns will be much smaller so you'll be able to see more of the pictures/patterns on the real quilt. Some will be easier to sew while others are just more time consuming. The names are really dumb but help me to keep them straight. Let me know what you think!

Broken Windows - Tame
Broken Windows - Wild
Line Dance
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Unnamed 1
Unnamed 2


My Ice Cream Diary said...

I rwally like star and tumbling tubleweeds! Line dance is nice but the red print needs to be moved either to the center or so there are equal amounts of it on the corners. Looks like you are going to be busy for awhile =)

Craig said...

Wow, They are all very nice! But after carefull consideration my first choice would be 'star', and my least favorite would be 'line dance'.

Somehow I think Joseph's vote is going to carry more weight than the rest of us!

Maybe you better do them all!

Corrie said...

I really like the unnamed 1, that will be a lot of work though.

Also the one with the stars.

Kassi said...

I really like all of them! But if I have to choose a favorite, it would be "tumbleweed."

Inga said...

OOooo.. Hard choice but I liked three tumbleweeds, broken window - tame, and un named #2. I love quilts but have never made one myself. When you decide which one you are going with please post pictures.

wild murdocks said...

What a lot of work! But a fun project! I tend to like symetrical designs on bed covers, so I'm drawn to unnamed 1. I also think it would be fun to have the red as an accent color for your room. I'll love to see the finished project.

athena said...

boy, that looks like a lot of work! but of course the end result as usual is always worth it. i think i like the last two. although the star one looks like a nice pattern.

Julie said...

I think my favorite is Unnamed 1, but I also like Star and Broken Windows Tame.

I can't wait to see your finished product -- I can tell it's going to be SO beautiful!

Lei said...

I like the last 2 unnamed ones... I adore quilts and admire quilters! It's a difficult craft!