Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Marriage Meme

Corrie tagged her readers to play along with the marriage meme. So without further ado, here are eight facts about our marriage:

1. Joseph and I first met when he served his mission to Georgia. His first area was our branch where my dad was the branch president. I was 13 so there was no interest between us at all.

2. We got to know each other while we attended Ricks College. Because I was so young (15) my parents asked 'Elder Wadsworth' to keep an eye on me. :D

3. We were married one month after I turned seventeen. Poor Joseph had to deal with so many 'robbing the cradle' comments. Then when I turned 21 they stopped completely.

4. It also happened to be my parents eighteenth wedding anniversary and Joseph's best friend's first wedding anniversary.

5. We were married in the Salt Lake Temple by Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley.

6. We've been married for 12 1/2 years and have seven children ages 11, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2 and 8 months.

7. Joseph hates anything to do with computers and money so he brings in the dough while I dispense it back out. :D

8. Shortly after we were married we slaughtered and butchered a pig ourselves. We lived off of pork chops, ham, bacon and sausage for the first 6 months. It took me a good five years to finally like pork chops and sausage again.

Now I will kindly not pass this on unless you really want to participate. So Tiffany, Nicole, Vanessa, Craig and others listed on the side bar you decide. But let me know if you do participate so I can read it!


Anonymous said...

You were married by Gordon B. Hinkley!? Oh my gosh! What an experience! What did you parents think of you getting married so young? We were married at 19 and everyone was kind of freaking out at that.

Corrie said...

Thanks for playing. I knew you were married by Pres. Hinckley, but I think everything else was new information. (Wow, I thought I was married young).

I think 6 months of pork-o-rama would kill the taste of hamstuff for me too. Were you homeschooled too and that's why you went to college so young - or are you just super smart?

An Ordinary Mom said...

You are one extraordinary and amazing woman! Someday I would love to meet you, but you might intimidate me :) !!

Craig said...

I new most of it, but I hadn't heard about the butchering of the hog yet!

I decided to play along. :D

Julie said...

You have a really neat story! I concur with Ordinary Mom - you are an extraordinary and amazing woman and I too would love to meet you someday. :-)

athena said...

ha! i would like to see Olivier getting his pretty soft hands dirty slaughtering a pig! (can you see why we wouldn't be able to survive on a farm!) i use to watch my father kill our meat often. i hated the beginning part but the rest was smooth sailing.

Tiffany said...

I'll give you a buzz when I get it done, company for two weeks and then taking Makayla off to college at Utah State, I find time to read, but not much time to blog.

Inga said...

What a romantic story! You were so young when you went to college and married. You always make me go Wow. You are an inspiration for me.