Friday, April 27, 2007


Sara and Eve got their braces on Thursday. We had to take the long trek to Reno. Let's just say Ira now hates his car-seat! Marie needs braces too but is too old to have the first phase like Sara and the orthodontist wants to wait until all her baby teeth fall out before starting her on braces. My guess is Marie will get hers when Sara's are taken off. Their braces are the Damon System if you care to know anything about that kind of stuff.

I love this shot by the way. The girls really are like this with each other.


Calandria said...

this is a GREAT picture!

monday morning L gets her retainer off and we find out if she gets braces now or waits a few years.

Julie said...

I like that shot too! I enjoyed all the photos of your kids. Looks like you've been having a great time with your camera. :-)

I'll have to look at that link you posted about the Damon System. We hope to get Jenna braces someday soon.