Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spring work

Joseph and his brothers are busy setting up four new pivots on a section the farm bought late last year. Here Joseph is discing the old ground.
They poured new pivot pads for each one. The center of the pivot that contains the motor rests on the cement pad.
Here's a pivot that's not put together. You can see the pieces all laid out like a big tinker toy set.
Ammon dug this trench with a big, ancient machine (I forgot to take a picture of that). The blue water pipes will be fitted end to end along the trench and then rolled into it in one fatal swoop. Water is pumped from the wells through the pipes to the center of the pivots and then out the sprinklers to water our crops.
To see more photos of our pivots from last year click here and here.

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athena said...

this is neat. i love seeing what you do on the farm.