Monday, March 26, 2007

Photo Contest - Please Vote!!

The National LDS Homeschool Association is having a photo contest to go along with their upcoming homeschool conference in August. The theme for the contest and conference is "Walk Beside Me". Well of all the pictures submitted they have narrowed it down to three finalists in each category and guess what? Both Eve and Sara are finalists in the youth category!!! The only problem is you can only cast one vote per computer. :C So follow this link and cast your vote for the photo you like best. You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the youth pictures. I'm not even asking you to vote for one of the girls' picture because the other finalist's picture is good too. You have until April 10th to cast your vote. THANKS!!!

NOTE: For some reason when you click on the links it brings up an error page, but if you click refresh it will bring up the correct page. This will not work however if you have a Firefox browser. So copy and paste this into your browser. It will take you to the home page of the National LDS Homeschool Association. You can then read the first article on their page and follow their link to the voting page. Thanks ya'll!


sippinghotchocolate said...


good luck girls!

Craig said...

Those are great photos. I voted #2 but I had a tuff time deciding.

Tiffany said...

I voted #3, I agree with Craig I had a hard time choosing, they were all good.