Monday, March 12, 2007

Matter Unorganized

Spring must be around the corner because I am getting my yearly 'itch' to go through the whole house and organize, declutter and redecorate. This year I have taken a slightly different approach. I typed up all the changes I want done to each room of the house- big or small, cheap or costly- I listed EVERYTHING! I realize it will take several years to accomplish what I've written down but I have a checklist now and I can start marking projects off. We are starting with the simplest ones and working our way up. First task on hand is painting the downstairs bathroom's walls and cabinets as well as the cabinets in the upstairs bathroom. The cabinets will also be getting new door pulls. Hopefully that will be done by the end of next week.

The one project that really needs to be done is the kids' bedrooms. How do children manage to accumulate so much treasured junk? I don't remember having this much of a clutter problem when we lived in our old house. Joseph built shelves in the closets that took up half the closet and left the other half for rod space to hang clothes. It was great because we didn't need to have dressers hogging up space in the bedroom itself and there was shelf space for their toys and knick-knacks. I want to build shelves in our closets again. Soon.

The other major room that needs reorganizing help is our school room. It's about time to start thinking of what curriculum to use for next year. To make room for that I'm going to be sorting through all our school books and getting rid of a lot. Books I've obtained from various sources that I've just never had a use for or thought would work but didn't will be sold on e-bay. Maybe that will help pay for next year's supply. :D

As for the kitchen....that is in need of a major overhaul. Maybe next fall/winter. Until then I am plotting and planning, dreaming and scheming. Do you know how much fun it is to go through kitchen cabinet catalogs?

Soon all the unorganized matter throughout my house will be sorted and containerized, and each room will be beautifully decorated and in order. . . .

Okay, maybe in a few years . . .

Well, a girl can dream can't she?


Craig said...

Hi Montse,

What an awesome blog. I am impressed. I just started a blog a couple of days ago. It sure needs work, but I have started! I can't believe how big your girls are! It doesn't seem like we have been gone that long!

Craig Howes

Jen said...

I have my own theory about habits of toys & clutter. It involves a mafia conglomerate and antibiotics leaching into the groundwater. Painting it does sometimes help temporarily keep it at bay.

Why is it that the door pulls for cabinets cost more than the paint? You can spend $5 on a gallon of paint, and $5 *per* door pull! I hate that.

athena said...

i have lots of homeschool books and curriculum that i won't be using. i thought of sending them to you when i get back. i know you might make better use of them than me. but then i don't want you to hate me for cluttering up your homeschool room! but let me know if you want something. maybe it will give me an excuse to come visit you. :)

Montserrat said...

I'd be happy to get your used books, Athena. Most of what I have came from other people who were done with theirs. You're welcome to visit anytime, with or without school books!