Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Snow Blind

It snowed lightly but steadily all Sunday, Monday and early Tuesday. We received about 6 inches of much needed snow on the valley floor and more up in the mountains. The snow levels in the Sierras increased dramatically as well. Good news for the farmers who rely on the snow for irrigation water in the summer.

Tuesday afternoon the sun came out and the kids enjoyed playing outside having snowball fights and building smowmen. The pristine white snow reflected the sun so well it was hard to see. It hurt your eyes to look out the windows even. The beautiful blues in the sky caught my eye though.


Jen said...

Nice shot of the lenticular cloud formations too!

We only got about 4 inches in town, but you are welcome to it if you want to come pick it up, I don't like snow!

athena said...

i've been reading ralph moody (man of the family) i constantly think of you while reading. :)