Monday, January 08, 2007

Ira's Blessing

Here's the latest family photo taken on Sunday. Joseph gave Ira a beautiful blessing. I wrote down what he said and realized as I was writing that I should have had my sister, Rebecca, write it since she knows short-hand. Ira was awake and alert and, thankfully, not fussy or crying.

It was a happy, joyous weekend. We were surrounded by family and friends and felt of their love and support.


athena said...

what shorthand does your sister know? i studied greggs. maybe she did pitman?

beautiful family.

AllisonK said...

Montse, what a beautiful family! I just received our returned Christmas card. I did something wrong on your address. Maybe you will get it for Valentines.

Congratulations to Sara as well!

boo said...

aw... I didn't even think of taking notes. sorry montse! maybe next time, haha :-D

and to athena... I have no idea what version I learned. I took a course in high school. but greggs sounds familiar...:-D

athena said...

thanks for answering my question! :)