Friday, October 13, 2006

Wednesday evening I was working downstairs on the computer when Debbie came walking in with a big bag of apples. She wanted to know if she could have one.

I opened the bag and got one out for her and then asked, "Deb, why didn't you just go into the living room and ask Dad instead of bringing the whole bag downstairs? Now you have to take the whole bag upstairs and put it away."

She rolled her eyes and replied, "He'd just say to go ask mom. So I came to you first."

I chuckled a little and didn't think any more about it until last night. I was busy in the kitchen baking and Deb came and asked if she could have some 'Hunchy, Bunchy of Oats' cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats). I told her to go ask Dad since my hands were all covered in flour. She went into the living room and asked Joseph, then came marching back in to the kitchen. She put her hands on her hips and moaned, "Mooooom, Dad said to ask you." Poor Deb! I couldn't help but laugh. When I explained the situation to everyone else they thought it was funny too. And yes, Dad ended up helping Debbie.

Debbie also informed us yesterday that "I am still a little bit three, because my shoes still fit."


Anonymous said...

Cute story! And I LOVE that new profile pic.

nestle said...

J that's just sad.

Athena said...


oh, and you're going to have to change your profile to add number seven! i agree, i love the profile pic too.

Athena said...

i had a dream about you last night montse. i dreamed you had your baby at home and that it was it was a quick and easy labour surrounded by all your girls. is that a nice dream? :-)

Montserrat said...

That is a nice dream except for being surrounded by all the girls. I'm not one for taking my children to watch me give birth. But if they were surrounding me afterwards to look at the baby.:D
I am a little nervous about not making it to the hospital in time to deliver this baby. My last three labors have been fast. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!