Monday, September 11, 2006

Last Week's Schedule

Monday- First official day of the new school year! Eve and Marie have a more rigorous schedule than before, but they are enjoying it so far. I'm packing more into their days than usual because after the baby is born I'm not gonna feel like doing anything and then we don't have any school but 'Christmas' school in December.

Tuesday - Had to take Sara on an unplanned trip to the dentist. Marie was chasing her up the wood stairs and Sara slipped, bumping her mouth on the edge of a step. The bottom of one of her top permanent front teeth broke off. The dentist just put sealant on for now and wants to take another look at it in a month. If it's not dead by then he will put a cap on it. Poor Sara was scared she was going to have half a tooth the rest of her life until Joseph showed her one of his teeth that broke off in third grade on the merry-go-round. She couldn't even tell where the cap ended and the tooth started.

Wednesday - Back into town for a presidency meeting and shopping.

Thursday - Back to the dentist, planned this time, for Abby and Sara to have some cavities fixed.

Friday- Took Eve and Marie with me to Reno (3 hours each way). We had a big bulk order to pick up at the church's Home Storage Center (the cannery). We then did some other shopping- Office Depot, Deseret Book, the mall, and Winco for cheaper canned goods. I spent $181 at Winco. I figured out yesterday if I bought the same exact goods here in town it would have cost me $258 IF everything had been on sale. It's definitely worth the trip to Reno to buy groceries, but only if there is a lot of other shopping to do to cover the gas bill.

Saturday - Spent the morning canning all the stuff from the cannery. Our stake has it's own canner which we borrowed. In the afternoon I made bread, totally cleaned out the Suburban since all the back seats had been taken out to make room for the food from Reno, and the girls helped to bring in some cubby shelves Joseph made to put their school books on. That cleared off the school table and made the whole school room look a lot cleaner.

Sunday - The girls sang "Follow the Prophet" in sacrament meeting. They filed up to the front of the chapel and then had to wait for me to set up the piano. The three oldest got a little giggly waiting with all those people watching them. But did a good job once they started singing. They sang the first verse about Adam and then sang a verse about Pres. Hinckely that our old Fallon 5th Ward Primary wrote. It goes like this:

"Hinckley is our prophet in the latter-day.
He built lots of temples showing us the way.
He taught us to work hard. He taught us the six B's.
We follow his example for he holds all the keys."

Came home after church and finally had time to RELAX!!!


Jen said...

Montse-Do you do school all year round, or do you take off summers?

The newest version of the primary songbook has a verse about president hinkley. I had just assumed that was what they sang...(goes to show how well I know that song, eh?) The girls sang beautifully on Sunday.

Montserrat said...

We do school year round, three months on one month off with one week off in the 2nd of the three months. LOL, did that make any sense?

I didn't know there was a new version of the Primary songbook out. I'm going to have to look it up!

Bookworm said...

I like your President Hinckley verse. I didn't know there was one in the new songbook either, I'll have to go online and hunt it up! Several years ago we wrote a new verse in Primary, and it goes like this:
Gordon is our prophet, prophet of the word
Visits every nation, bringing them God's word,
With a sense of humor, he looks you in the eye,
Be more like the Savior, is his great reply.
I like yours for mentioning the temples and the 6 B's.