Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Marie's Lapbook

Eve and Marie finished their study of North American Explorers two weeks ago. They compiled all their reports, timelines, poems, biographies, maps, etc. into lapbooks. I'm just posting Marie's since she did a better job of putting hers together. Eve's looks similar. We covered Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Hernando Cortes, Jaques Cartier, Sir Francis Drake, Henry Hudson, Daniel Boone, James Cook, Lewis & Clark, and John Wesley Powell. Some extras the girls did were making a brochure for the Grand Canyon, creating yet another stamp for James Cook (over 400 stamps have been issued worldwide for him), baking hardtack, creating weather reports for the Strait of Magellan, and writing limericks about Daniel Boone. Here is Eve's limerick:

Daniel Boone often liked to explore

He even fought in two wars

He could carry a tune

That great Daniel Boone

The times he escaped from Indians was four.

And here's Marie's:

A mysterious man named Daniel Boone

Would hunt wild critters like racoons

He'd whistle a song

As he walked along

And kill his lunch to eat at noon.


athena said...

is this the same james cook that discovered australia and nz?

Calandria said...

These lapbooks are very impressive. Well done, girls! Did you get them as part of a kit?

Montserrat said...

Yes, the same James Cook. I used the book Explorers of North America by Evan-Mor as our start off point.