Sunday, May 21, 2006

In the garden

Saturday morning the girls and I transplanted all our plants to the garden. We also planted carrots, lettuce, radishes, green beans, wax beans, and corn. While the older girls and I were working the littler ones where hunting for ladybugs in the alfalfa plants. This is what we heard:

"Hey there's lots of ladybugs! And they're giving each other piggy-back rides!"

"That's funny! Why do they do that?"

"I don't know, but I've seen the cows give each other piggy-back rides too."


athena said...

LOL. when we lived on the farm we use to see the cows piggy backing too.

PS enjoying your posts on the farm too! VERY interesting.

Anonymous said...

LOL VERY cute!! :-)


Calandria said...

Hahaha! Do you know what one professor at BYU had the nerve to say in our child development class? He said that farm kids grew up to have very warped views on a certain subject (don't know who's reading here) because we see too much of that 'piggybacking' when we're kids. He was serious! I told him later I thought that was very offensive.