Thursday, May 18, 2006

Butterfly Lapbooks

We completed our butterfly unit with Sara and Abby. Here are the lapbooks they made(Abby's is on top, Sara's on the bottom). Included are vocabulary strips, a life cycle wheel, Venn Diagram comparing moths and butterflies, pollination sequence cards, migration map, diet book, parts of a butterfly cards, and defense mechanisms butterfly chain book. It was so much fun to learn and do!

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Megan S said...

Montse and family,
I talked to Debbie S today and she gave me your webpage. Wow, congratulations with all you are doing and all of your girls!!! We just had Rhett, our #3 boy, he is beautiful and lots of fun. We love Atlanta but are excited to spend a month this summer in Fallon with the cousins and grandmas. Take care,