Monday, March 27, 2006

Simple Pleasures

*Hint* If you click on the picture it will come up larger on a new screen so you can see the details on the girls' nails better.

This afternoon we had an unexpected block of 4 hours where we did what we wanted. My Primary Presidency meeting was cancelled YIPPEE!!!! The girls and I sat on the couch and read and then enjoyed a few moments of pure silence. The power was scheduled to be turned off so the power company could do some work. There was no buzzing or humming of refrigerators, televisions, the dryer, or the dishwasher. It was wonderful! We then headed outside to play some kickball, Joseph even stopped by the house and wowed the girls with his high and long kick of the ball. After picking up trash that the wind had blown along the fence we headed inside for an impromptu manicure party. The girls each decided on something springlike for their nails: Debbie and Abby had rainbows, Sara picked flowers, Marie chose butterflies, and Eve selected ladybugs. I went the natural route and did a light pink while Laura ended up with a bright pink. We paint the nails with acrylic craft paint and then apply two coats of clear nail polish to protect the design. FUN!

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