Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sara's Bag

Last night, Sara worked hard to complete all her school work for today. She wanted to sew this morning. She checked out a children's sewing book from the bookmobile and this was one of the projects in it. She picked out the strips from my strip bin, a huge tote box. Then decided what order she wanted the colors to be and sewed them on to the backing fabric. She sewed up the edges herself too but I had to help her with the binding. It turned out so jazzy! It fits her sparkly personality perfectly. Sara plans on using the bag for church to carry her scriptures, a notebook, a pencil, and any handouts from class.


Anonymous said...

Man! What a fun mom you are Montse! Your family is so blessed to have you.


Anonymous said...

I second Becky's comment! Very nice, Sara!

Julie Lybbert

Calandria said...

Sara, you are absolutely adorable! Good work on that bag. How old are you?

Anonymous said...

I'm 7. I took sewing lessons when we lived in Fallon.


mainegirl said...

Very, very nice!!