Thursday, March 02, 2006

Catalan Bread

My FIL, Brent, brought up some Pain Rustic Bread for us last week. I was very excited to see the recipe for Catalan Bread on the back. Avi, my paternal grandfather, used to make a version of this bread when I was growing up. So I omitted the meat in the recipe and made it the way Avi does. Next time I'm making a huge batch of paella to go with it!

4 slices pain rustic bread
1 clove garlic, halfed
1 roma tomato, halfed
4 slices peppered ham or anchovies
olive oil
Lightly toast both sides of the bread in the oven. Rub cut side of garlic all over top of bread. Next rub bread with cut tomato. Brush on olive oil and sprinkle with salt. Add meat if desired. Delicious!


Calandria said...

Yum! This is our friend's favorite way to eat bread after living in Spain for a few years.

Athena said...

yum yum! it sounds similar to bruchetta.