Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Outdoor Fun

The weather is absolutely spectacular! We just had to get outside for some fun and games. The girls had races: crawling, running, wheelbarrow, and skipping. We also played 'Driveway Baseball' from the Family Fun magazine that we received in the mail just recently. You basically draw the baseball diamond with chalk and designate different areas as single, double, triple, or homerun 'hits'. The teams take turns tossing rocks and try to make the 'players' move around the bases. It is a good alternative to the real thing when there is such a wide range of batting abilities. This evened out the field. It's on days like this when we particularly feel sorry that Dad has to work in the shop on tractors. :(

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Calandria said...

You seem to have such a good time with your kids! I love these outdoors photos. That sure ain't Minnesota!