Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Family Photo

I really like how this picture turned out. However I'm not at all impressed with how it was printed. It looks like the photographer just used his computer printer to print it out. All the other pictures I ordered are the same. The quality of the print is not very good, you can see the pixel squares in several spots. The back of the photos are blank. Usually there's "Kodak Paper" or "Fuji Paper" on the back. It really chaps my hide! We paid $12 dollars for each 4x6 and more for the larger pictures and then to have them be low quality is rather dishonest of the photographer, I think. Hopefully we'll be able to resolve the issue with him without too much trouble. If not, I want my money back!!!


Athena said...

you're going to have to start wearing high heels, LOL, because your daughters are nearly about your height! either that or you will have to be delegated to the front of the family photos!

ah but what a beautiful family--your husband must be so proud of showing off his girls. :)

Bookworm said...

Great picture! Love all those smiling girl faces.

Calandria said...

This is a really cute picture. I love to think of your family filing in to church on a Sunday morning. Do your girls wear Easter dresses? That would be a beautiful picture, too!

Montserrat said...

I'm only 5'2" and I know my girls will all be taller than me except for Sara. She's slated to only be about 4'10"- 5'. I used to make them all matching Easter dresses but that was when I only had three, now Grandma and Grandpa V supply the Easter dresses. They usually are all matching or at least color coordinate together.

Joseph has made the trek with us to town several times and he's just amazed at how long it takes to get some simple shopping done. So many people have to stop and ask the usual questions, "Are they ALL yours? One, two, three. . .Six girls?!! Are you still trying for a boy?, etc, etc." I can say each and every one of them is Daddy's girl. When we moved to our new ward he wanted to get there right when it started so we could 'sneak' in. Ha! How can you sneak in with six girls in tow? I think we had at least half the ward introducing themselves right after Sacrament Meeting.