Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Abby's Drawings

Abby drew two pictures for me yesterday. They were so cute and very original I thought I'd share. One side of her paper had a picture of me as a queen. Notice how she used stickers to 'liven ' up her drawing. I laughed at her use of lips "for your big mouth, Mom." Then she told me to turn the paper over.
Here is Abby's description of the following picture. "And this is Dad. He's surprised because you kissed him on both cheeks and left lipstick marks on them." Is that adorable or what? What a kid!


nestle said...

I love it!!!! Kev calls our lips J-Lo Lips because they are the latin lips. He says they are one of our best features. Hee hee. Great that Abby picked up on it.

Calandria said...

Too cute! Dad does look bewildered, lol.

Athena said...

or maybe dad needs that many lips to kiss all his beautiful daughters and wife! :-)