Monday, January 23, 2006

Quiet Books

My Mom purchased these quiet book kits for my sister (Nestle) and I to make for our children. I hate to have projects hanging over my head so this past week I decided to knuckle down, buckle down, and do it, do it, do it! They were a lot of work but turned out sooo cute! The books were a hit at church yesterday and did keep the girls quiet. Pictured are the covers of the books and just a few of the pages. My favorites are the mailbox, I Spy, and the stones for the Jaredite barges. The girls' favorites were the dolls with clothes, I Spy, switching around the animal heads, and the telephone (pictures of relatives are tucked into the pocket). If you click here you can see where to purchase the kits. Warning: they are a little pricey!


nestle said...

Saddly in an attempt to get wonder-under today to finish everything I accidentally locked ourselves out of our apt. *sigh* 3 hours in the hall with 3 toddlers and a 6 month old are exhausting. Luckily our neighbors were not home and I was able to have access to the basement for extra blankets (hallway not heated) and toys that I had put away. It was a fruitless effort to get my stuff done. Our last daytime enrichment projects class is a share/showoff of quiet books and I wanted to get mine done for that. again *sigh*

Athena said...

Yeah, I made quiet books too hoping they would keep my kids quiet but our kids ended up being more noisy than before they had them--too many "ooohs" and "ahhs" and them talking loudly to themselves about their pages. Too funny, but certainly a cute idea.

Calandria said...

These are super cute. I like those tractors on the mailbox page.