Sunday, January 29, 2006

Food Storage Dishes

Our ward had a social Saturday night all about food storage and emergency preparedness. We were to take dishes made from our food storage. Here are before/after pictures of what I took. The apple pie filling was made using the apples off Grandma W's trees. To make the enchiladas I used the masa harina to make homemade corn tortillas and filled them with canned chicken, dried onions and regular cheese. They were topped with a red sauce made from the chili powder. Yum, yum!


Calandria said...

Yum, yum indeed! That looks so delicious. I can almost smell the apple pie baking. :-)

What program do you use to put your pics together like that?

Athena said...

we had a joint RS/Priesthood meeting yesterday and the topic was on emergency preparedness. seems like the topic is making its rounds again but with some urgency.

what is the metal device in the pic?

i hope to start bottling fruit.

Montserrat said...

The metal thing is a tortilla press. You have to line it with plastic wrap but then all you do is press a ball of masa dough and, presto, you have a perfectly round corn tortilla. I roll out flour tortillas with a rolling pin, but I press corn tortillas beacuse the dough is to wet.

Athena said...

Thanks for that. I'm learning something new everyday, LOL. :-) A tortilla press.