Thursday, January 19, 2006


Eve, Marie, and Sara have been saving up for a horse for the past three years. Their dream finally came true at Thanksgiving when a family friend found an older horse for sale. The horse's registered name is Sunny Cane, but the previous owners called him Boxcar.

We split the cost of the horse with Joseph's brother so that all of our kids could ride him and learn to take care of him.The only trouble is there aren't any corrals or fenced in areas where we live so he has to stay in Fallon for now until we can build some corrals. This picture is of Marie and Eve riding Boxcar for the first time the day after Thanksgiving.
We went to Fallon on Tuesday to visit with relatives and the girls were able to see Boxcar again and ride him. Here's Joseph with Laura.
They were in high heaven especially in the late afternoon when the friend who found Boxcar for us came over with a new bit and had the girls ride Boxcar bareback. Now that we're back home the girls are begging us to build the corrals first thing.


Calandria said...

How exciting for the girls to have a horse! I like the name--Boxcar. Is he a quarter horse? I grew up with horses and sometimes I still have tremendous urges to jump on a horse and go galloping across a field, or run barrels, or jump!

Montserrat said...

Boxcar is a quarter horse. Joseph used him to help move the cows through the hay fields and the girls were in awe, "Dad, looks so cool!"

Athena said...

Yup, your husband looks like a natural on Box Car. Won't be long and the girls will too! I stopped riding horses because my father refused to buy me a dressage saddle--thought it was pointless, useless even and told me to stick with the one my brother used for mustering. It would keep my butt on the saddle, he said, LOL.

Calandria said...

Oh, I loved dressage too but the good shows were always on Sunday. I had a beautifully-trained dressage horse but by that time I was 15 and lost interest. The other girls who rode dressage at shows were so unbearably snooty. At least I felt like they looked down on me.