Monday, December 19, 2005

Sara's Birthday

Yesterday, December 18, was Sara's seventh birthday. She wanted to bake and decorate her own birthday cake.

Sara wanted a wreath cake with a bow on top.
She was able to open all her gifts before church and was so excited to get what she asked for: new red pants, a shirt, and a pocketknife. You know we must live on a ranch when the girls ask for pocketknives as gifts. Sara's cousin, Emily, gave her a coloring book, a cute little reindeer ornament, and a squishy, glowing, ameoba-type toy that the girls have had fun batting around. We're still anxiously waiting on Grandma and Grandpa Ventura's gift to arrive via USPS.


Calandria said...

What a cutey-patootie! My daughter asked for a pocketknife for Christmas. I bet our girls would get along really well.

Athena said...

I see another of your daughters licking the bowl---LOL, that's what I use to do! Brings back memories of when we lived on the station. Someone was always cooking, and another eating. :-)